New Single WILDSTYLE out now!

Download the current single WILDSTYLE from our Bandcamp page: where other recordings are also available to download.

A Blue Vinyl limited edition of our fifth album, ‘The Fabulous New Sounds Of’with gatefold sleeve out on Property Of The Lost Records.


The CD Digipak edition of ‘The Fabulous New Sounds Of’ is out on Cherry Red Records.



What’s been happening….

In 2019 we released and promoted our fifth studio album, with performances at The London International Ska Festival, Boomtown Fair, Goulash Disko in Croatia plus our first club show in Zagreb in almost two decades. We supported Less Then Jake and Me First & The Gimme, Gimmes, followed by our own UK club tour, then saw out the year with a couple of shows in Belgium. We released 3 singles from the album; LEVEL UP, SEVEN SEAS & WORSE FOR WHERE. Videos for each of these songs can be viewed on the videos page of this website.

We followed the album with the digital only release of ROCKAS AN’ THEM EP, then NEW VIBRATION, the first release on our own label INNA RUT RECORDS.

Covid 19 brought live music to a sudden standstill and all our shows for 2020 were cancelled. For those of you who bought tickets to any of our cancelled shows, we’re sorry for the inconvenience and disruption caused by their cancellation.

This year saw the release of our current single WILDSTYLE, a re-working of an old King Prawn live favourite. We’re presently working on completing our sixth studio album, planned for released early next year.

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