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Well, here’s some of them…

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There are too many past shows to mention! Listed below are a few of the more memorable shows performed:


Magazin 4, Brussels, Belgium

Belvedere, Namur, Belgium

UK tour – (various venues)

Vintage Industrial Bar, Zagreb, Croatia (festival headliner)

Goulash Disko, Vis, Croatia (club show headliner)

BoomTown Fair (headliner – Hanger 161 Stage)

Birmingham O2 Academy (supporting Less Than Jake, Goldfinger, Snuff, Save Ferris)

Manchester, Ritz (supporting Me First & the Gimme, Gimmes)

Level Up Festival (headliner)

MPF, Manchester, Gorilla (festival headliner)

LISF, O2 Academy, Islington, London (festival headliner)

Blackmarket, Hastings (headliner)


Slam Dunk Festival, Leeds/Hatfield/Birmingham (Fireball Stage)


Boomtown Fair (headliner – Devil Kicks Dancehall stage)

Balter festival, Chepstow Racecourse (headliner)

Magazin4, 20th anniversary, Brussels (headliner)

02 Academy, Oxford (club show headliner)

Skankfest, Bristol (headliner)

Level Up festival, SE London (headliner)

Skabour festival, Folkstone (headliner)


Slam Dunk festival, Leeds/Hatfield/Birmingham (Desperados Stage)

Garage, London (club show headliner)


Rebellion Festival, Blackpool (main stage)

Boomtown Fair (headliner – Devil Kicks Dancehall stage)

Up! Festival, Leige, Belgium

Harlow Square (club show headliner)


Bearded Theory (Headliner)

Esperanzah! festival, Belgium

Jazz Cafe, London (LISF, headline club show)


Reading & Leeds Festival (BBCR1 Lock Up Stage)

Boomtown Fair (headliner – Devil Kicks Dancehall stage)

Slam Dunk Festival, Leeds/Hatfield/Birmingham (Headliner-Desperados Stage)

War’din Rock Festival, Belgium (headliner)

Verdur Rock Festival, Belgium (headliner)

Arts Centre, Sailsbury (club show headliner)

Fleece, Bristol (club show headliner)

02 Academy, Newcastle (club show headliner)

Brudenel Club, Leeds (club show headliner)

Rescue Rooms, Nottingham (club show headliner)

Waterfront, Norwich (club show headliner)

Koko, London (club show headliner)


The Forum, London (2003 headliner and earlier support to Prince Buster etc.)

Reading & Leeds Festival (2003)

Club Citta, Kawasaki, Japan (main support to Brahman)

Osaka, Japan

Tokyo, Japan

Nagoya, Japan

Goa Boa Festival, Genoa, Italy

Palais Des Sports, Grenoble France (supporting Ska-P)

Dour Festival, Belgium

La Botanique, Brussels (several headliners)

The Eimer, Berlin (Supporting The Ex)

VK Club Belgium (support to Sensor)

Festival in Lake Constance, Germany (supporting Terragruppe)

The Astoria London (support to Less Than Jake)

Electric Ballroom, London (Support to Snuff)

Empire, Shepherds Bush, London (supporting Reel Big Fish)

Academy 2, Manchester (supporting Goldfinger)

Extreme Festival, Nottingham Wollaton Pk

The Bulldog Bash, Great Marston Airfield

NASS Festival, Bath & West Showground

Holidays In The Sun, Morcolme Bay

Madstock Festival, London (opening for Madness 1996)


Bands supported (a few of those we can remember!):


The Buzzcocks


Boney M

Praying Mantis

Dead Kennedys

Turbo Negro

One Minute Silence

Prince Buster

Misty and Roots

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

The Cardiacs

Less Than Jake

Reel Big Fish

Desmond Decker



The Beat

The Toasters

The Selector


Strung Out

No Use For a Name

Mad Caddies

Agnostic Front

UK Subs


Banda Bassotti


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